My Breeze

MY BREEZE Created by al ambra perfumes, its inspired from a music , tope notes seduces us with the floral accords of intoxicating rose along with exciting ylang-ylang and peony, while the heart is warm with sandalwood and amber, soft and warm vanilla and musk from the base.AL AMBRA My breeze was introduced in2020 the greatest adventure year it as a unisex fragrance. the nose behind the name GHANIM YAQOOB AND ABDUL RAHIMAN

Amber Nuit

Privet blend is best and exclusive collection from AL AMBRA PERFUMES, privet blend collection was launched in 2020, the fragrance is available 100 ml bottles with looks a royal blue, its very special privet blend from AL AMBRA PERFUMES, the nose behind the name ABDUL RAHIMAN


Reeman is inspired from the traditional Arab thought, it’s a blend combination of pure white musk, Musk is years of back people love it in middle east countries, it was using like even traditional way also in middle east people, the nose behind the name GHANIM YAQOOB

Exclusive jeon

A Exclusive jeon is a success story of AL AMBRA blend house, its remaining lots of lovable movement, and successful stories, its inspired from successful story of AL AMBRA PERFUMES,
Oud and amber and musk is main scent who like in middile east people, it was that totally mixed a fine mixture of luxuries blend, it will giving you a blood jasmine flower base note , the nose behind the name GHANIM YAQOOB AND ABDUL RAHIMAN


Cecil is the latest addition to AL AMBRA PERFUMES. The Precious Sweet floral rose – is inspired by the colours’ of the Middle East, their high-quality fragrances and precious ingredients. Its warm, sensual finish cuddles the skin for hours.

Ambra Oud

The  Al Ambra’s  Signature fragrance Ambra Oud – A fragrance more precious than gold.  AL AMBRA derived agarwood oud, one of the most valuable fragrances.  The dark Oil has an almost narcotic allure or something that affects their mind,their spirits,their emotions.
Ambra Oud mixed this years edition from the notes of cambodi Oud with sparkling grapefruit, red orange, mint rose, cinnamon, spices, blond leather, blond wood, patchouli and amber.

Hala Oud

Hala Oud- The AL Ambra Signature Perfume Fragrance represents a luxurious, high-quality release that contains 100% natural Oud. The Scent is for both men and women with a touch of luxury, intense and opulent, symbolic and refined.
The Fragrance is a great diffusion and nice sillage- smells luxorious, extrelemely elegant, rich naturally, complex but not overwhelming. Very smooth-Well blended, sure u bath in this.

Musk Ambra

Musk alambra isa signature & holy grail fragrance. The popularity of musk-eccentric fragrances is not something grew up with. But it grew up in a time, dominated by fresh aqua for the guys and fruity florals for the girls. Yet, something about musks makes us feel very comforted & nostalgic.
It is a warm,cheerful,reviving smell, and go-to scent- as a teen ofcourse its sexy and mysterious ,to ones personal taste it would be unmistakable &unforgettable


Prepared to conquer with this powerhouse of energy and dynamism!
AL AMBRA TYSIR fruity-woody fragrance is the ultimate experience for the modern man who builds on the legacy of the ages to develop his own unique and successful lifestyle. This Eau de Parfum is a celebration of strength, success and courage.

Shake Ambra

Shake Ambra is an Oriental Al Ambra fragrance for women and men.
Shake Ambra inspired by luxurious palaces of arabia, this indicates as a part of the voyage arabian collection by Al Ambra. Shining Citruses evoke precious metal splinters, while coloured silks and balms reflects the wealth and opulance of this arabian princes.

Shadow of Rose

The unmistakable scent of perfumed powders, the fragrance of face powder, the perfume of talc, a soft, gentle, enveloping Eau de parfum, yet intense and persistent. An aroma delicately permeated by the richness of the natural extracts of precious flowers, recalling the light, images and atmosphere of the belle-époque.

Hexa Modkilla

Hexa Modkilla has been specially concocted to entice the senses of both men and women alike. An olfactory poem of precious woods combined with magnificent patchouli. A patchouli which shines amongst noble fragrance notes of the best quality.
A mix of simplicity and classicism – An ultimate luxury and an extreme beauty


Lenard is for the romantic man who needs to smell like a man! After all every woman loves a great smelling man The Fresh Floral fusion creates a magical and mesmerizing effect wherever you go! thats what Lenard is all about!

Spirit of elegance

Spirit Of Elegance is a new and limited edition perfume for both women and men. The Perfume is Ultra Fine, Creates a Confident expression of pure luxury with a creamy finish. The scent is sweet-leathery reviving ones spirit of elegance.

Challanging game

The Limited edition Challanging game is for the Man who is a poet by nature, someone for who sees the extraordinary in the ordinary!
A new essential density that underscores the woody, mineral facets, enhanced by the freshness of citrus fruit and shiso.


The Perfume embodies the ultimate feminine rich fantasy, the one who every women dreams of looking like, and the one who every man would love to seduce!

De lora

De lora is for the georgeus pretty women with never ending emotion to making life beautiful forever. The fragrance is announced as a luminous floral fruity, with pronounced notes of osmanthus.

AL Rasi

Al Rasi is an Occasional fragrance for party, its formulas were based around the lavender collected from the hill sides surrounding florence.
Al Rasi is an Oriental floral fragrance for women and men.

Irrish Ferre

Al Ambra’s Irrish Ferre is distinct type of leather fragrance from . While leather fragrances are usually attributed with opulent and warm ambience. Irrish Ferre is backboned by sort of hay-like and traditional herbaceous matte and juniper that deliver green tarnished aromatic hibernian theme to leather

Secret Adventure

Created for a man who defines his own masculinity, Al Ambra introduces Secret adventure: a modern declaration of self expression and emancipated sexuality. It is known for its depth and hint of mystery since it uses a variety of unusual and daring notes. This men’s parfum is best described as leathery and warm.