If Paris is the capital of modern perfume then the Middle East, was the hub in ancient times, stretching back 5,000 years. The history of the perfumes of the ancients has their roots in the Arabian world. In modern world Dubai, UAE for over two decades, has prospered as one of the world’s most international cities, attracting people and capital from across the globe, becoming a premier global business hub and a key location for the development of exquisite perfumes.


The “Al Ambra Perfumes Company” is the result of a dream of two budding entrepreneurial visionaries Mr.Ghanim Yaqoob Juma Khurram and Mr. Abdul Rahiman. Born from their renowned enthusiasm, passion, vision, and love for the fragrance and perfumery, the pair set off on a journey that resulted in planting a small seed within the perfumery industry with a global vision and mission that consist of high ethics and quality that would enrich and deliver the magic of unique perfumes worldwide. Their vision was not just to make the company successful, but to provide the tools for success to everyone associated or affiliated with Al Ambra Perfumes.

The Premium Luxurious brand “Al Ambra Perfumes” was born in the heart of Dubai and has been wholeheartedly welcomed by the United Arab Emirates and the Middle Eastern Community. Our stated vision is to reach the world market by creating a unique retail venture opportunity that is exclusively focused on franchising.


Our International Team

Our International Team believes in and has remained committed to creating the finest perfumes, so we constantly search the globe for the best ingredients, oils, and essences that epitomize quality and sophistication to create olfactory feats that display our mastery over the art of fragrance creation. We want to create unique compositions and concepts for our customers that will fill their hearts with delight, love, and happiness.

Our Values

Our Values consist of honesty, integrity and customer service which are engrained into every aspect of our companies culture, people, practices, and processes. We want elegance, quality, competitiveness, and innovation to be synonymous with Al Ambra Perfumes

Our Goal

Our Goal is to reach the world with Al Ambra Perfumes providing access to fragrance lovers around the world. We put effort into providing the finest collections of perfumes that will appeal to the taste of both French and Arabic fragrance lovers, so they can experience the magic that is Al Ambra Perfumes!

Al Ambra Perfumes launched in 2016 in Al Barsha Mall, in Dubai, is a unique luxury niche brand offering that blends the richest and highest quality offerings of both French and Arabic influenced perfumes and oils in a modern, sophisticated and elegant presentation. We have created a unique collection of French and Arabic influenced perfumes, incenses, musk’s and oils that are a sensual blend of notes, with a glittery shine of gold, for men and women that have help to make The house of ‘Al Ambra perfumes ‘ become a cherished and inseparable part of any occasion.

Al Ambra Perfumes primary objective and priority is to please our customers with unique high quality fragrance options that will create lasting memories for generations to come. We want our fragrances to take people on a journey where the future is bright for those that believe in pursuing their dreams.


Our bottle

Our bottle is created in regal cobalt blue with gold accents, to represent power, wealth, luxury, trust, and above all elegance...

Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve, create, innovate perfumes with high-quality fragrance ingredients from around the globe, eventually becoming a recognized global luxury brand.

Our mission

Our mission is to excite the senses, bring delight and create memorable experiences for fragrance lovers around the world

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to cater unique fragrance offerings to create happy, loving customers worldwide!