Sadrac Noel Sepulveda on AL AMBRA PERFUMES.

Here is my initial impression and review of these fragrances.

Ambra Oud: I can understand the why this fragrance is the royal crown jewel diamond and king of Al Ambra Fragrances the sweetness of berries and figs and the spiciness of the nutmeg and cinnamon in the top notes are alluring after about 20-30 minutes you start to pick up on the heart notes geranium, lavender and amber that is seductive warm and inviting. The base note in the dry down spotlights the agarwood oud and gives this fragrance an animalic quality is truly the ‘liquid gold’. It is rich and powerful,  the oud’s sweet, woody aroma is offset by the patchouli gives it a spicy, woody, and musky earthy aroma the leather also gives the fragrance a rich, earthy, and slightly sweet and smoky allure. The Leather is complimented by the white wood amazingly. The blood orange, rose, cinnamon and mint reinvigorate the senses and provide a

beautiful contrast to the other base notes.

My recommendation as to when to wear this fragrance:

This fragrance is special, luxurious, rich and opulent. It is not a fragrance for casual wear; I would wear this fragrance if I was going on an evening dinner date with my wife, a business event or a black-tie affair where I am dressed up in a suit for a special occasion like a wedding or some other type of special event. This fragrance could also be a fall or winter scent the projection, silage and longevity are out of this world it lasted on my skin for roughly 12+ hours.


Hala Oud: This is another gorgeous fragrance if Ambra Oud is the royal priceless diamond than this fragrance is the priceless emerald or prince. The top notes of citruses and apple are refreshing, sweet and delicious.  After 30 minutes the fragrance calms and the heart notes shine like jewels the saffron smells of earth, tobacco, vanilla, honey, and is almost salty sweet, the clove, and cinnamon in this fragrance are aromatic and spicy while the labdanum gives the fragrance amber like quality, animalic, sweet, smoky, woody, and dry musk, or leathery quality. The magic happens in the base note dry down. The agarwood oud note in Hala Oud like in Ambra oud gives this fragrance the animalic quality it is the gold that the emerald is set in. This sent is contrasted by the sweet and woody fragrance of the sandalwood. The Cypriol oil gives the base notes a tenacious, woody-earthy smell with a spicy note.

My recommendation as to when to wear this fragrance:

This is another special fragrance but it has amazing versatility, it is a business scent that is perfect for a professional office environment. It is good for climate controlled environments where it is my belief that you will get amazing performance from this fragrance. This fragrance can also be worn in a tuxedo or a special occasion but it is versatile enough where it can be worn in a business casual environment. It has impressive performance and lasted on my skin for 12+ hours also and I could smell it on my clothes a day after I wore it.

My Opinion of Marketability in the United States:

I would rank these two fragrances in the same category as Tom Ford’s Niche Private Blends Collection or the Creed Fragrance House, Amougage or Roja Perfumes. That said, the quality of the fragrances is apparent the ingredients are expensive, luxurious, rich and opulent. that said you would have to tell me how much you think they should be sold for based on price per ounce.

I will be sending you more reviews as a spend time with each fragrance so that I can give a real and fair assessment of each of these niche fragrances. This is so I can judge the silage, projection, and longevity of each fragrance, and the overall performance accordingly

Al Ambra Tysir – Is a fresh, fruity, citrusy fragrance that dries to a musky warm masterpiece. Upon the initial spray, you get a beautiful blast of citrusy bergamot, sweet apple and black currant with a subtle pineapple note. After 15 minutes the heart notes come to the surface with the aroma of juniper reminiscent of dry gin with a woodsy piney resinous scent that later becomes flowery. This scent is complemented by a sweet woody scent of birch followed by musky sweet earthy patchouli that blends beautifully with the aromatic, rich yet sweet smell of a blooming jasmine. After an hour the scent calms and the base notes shine with a lovely musk contrasted by delicate, forestry earth scent of oakmoss, which gives way to the subtle, sweet pleasant fragrance of ambergris finished by a sweet and powdery vanilla.


This fragrance is perfect for everyday casual wear it is very mass appealing. The fragrance is subtle and perfect for the spring. Longevity is 4-6 hours and the projection 2-3 feet and silage only last about an hour. After an hour the scent comes in about a foot per hour until drying down to a skin sent by the end of the 4-6 hours. The overall performance is average. I would recommend boosting the notes in this fragrance to increase performance because it smells amazing.



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